Is it cheaper to bundle car insurance with spouse?

Sharing a policy is generally cheaper because you'll be splitting the cost of certain coverages. Insurance companies tend to charge married drivers less for insurance because, statistically, they are more risk-averse and more financially stable. That means they're involved in fewer car accidents and file fewer claims than single drivers, making it cheaper to insure them. A joint car insurance policy is often cheaper for married couples than maintaining separate policies.

However, if you're not married yet, compare the estimates first. Factors such as your partner's credit score or driving history can result in a more expensive rate. When looking at car insurance rates for married or single people, it's important to know that your costs may change. Most companies offer cheaper rates for married couples, as long as both spouses qualify within certain parameters.

Couples with more than one vehicle can receive a multi-car discount and get even cheaper car insurance rates. Rates go down when you get married because insurance companies consider married couples to be more financially stable and risk-averse. The cost of adding someone to your car insurance policy depends on their age, driving history and credit score. When you combine your car insurance into a joint policy, you're likely to pay more than you did as a single driver.

Married couples can have separate car insurance policies, but most drivers benefit from sharing a policy with their spouse. Also, don't hesitate to compare prices once you get married to see if you qualify for other auto insurance discounts. Drivers with driving record violations tend to pay higher car insurance premiums than safe drivers. Once you've excluded your spouse from your car insurance policy, you shouldn't allow your spouse to drive your car.

A bad driving record, an expensive car, or a low credit score are some of the reasons why you shouldn't add your partner to your car insurance policy. Check your state's regulations and talk to your insurance agent before excluding your spouse from your policy. Some insurance companies often offer discounts on auto insurance premiums based on your marital status. Couples who live separately may not need to combine car insurance, especially if they rarely use each other's car.

He is passionate about using his knowledge of economics and insurance to bring transparency to financial issues and to help others trust their movements of money. Even if your spouse has a bad credit situation or driving record violations, combining car insurance is often cheaper than keeping separate policies. While young married couples generally pay less than their single peers, insurance companies charge higher rates to all young drivers.

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