Are there any discounts available for drivers who have completed an approved driver education course with progressive car insurance surprise?

Progressive can reduce your rates by approximately 5% if you complete an approved defensive driving course and meet certain requirements. You may need to be a certain age, have a clean driving record, take the course voluntarily (not by court order), or meet other state-specific criteria to be eligible. Get a car insurance quote today and find out why 99% of our auto customers get at least one discount. The potential discount offered by Progressive is likely to vary, but this type of discount usually ranges from 5 to 15% on its coverage.

The defensive driving discount may vary among the best auto insurance companies, but it usually applies after you have taken certain road safety courses. Progressive isn't the cheapest insurance company on the market, but many drivers can get affordable coverage. You'll notice that progressive insurance discounts lack some of the common options that competitors tend to have. From simple policy options to letting Progressive record your driving behavior, getting a discount on your insurance policy isn't difficult.

If your car insurance company offers a discount for defensive driving, taking and passing a defensive driving course could reduce your insurance premiums by 5 to 15%. For example, if you take a defensive driving course through your state's DMV or other accredited organization, you might be eligible to receive a defensive driving discount from your car insurance provider. If you want to save more besides a discount for driving defensively, consider other ways to save money on car insurance. Drivers interested in getting a discount on Progressive car rentals should consider the company's partnership with Enterprise.

The average cost of car insurance will vary depending on where you live, your driving history, the type of vehicle you want to insure, and more. If you switch to Progressive from another insurance provider, Progressive may offer you a discount depending on how long you've been insured on an ongoing basis. Louisiana state law requires auto insurance companies to offer all members of the military and their immediate family members a 25% discount when they live there. Auto insurance providers like Progressive don't usually offer defensive driving courses, but they can offer discounts for defensive driving.

Keep reading to learn more about Progressive car insurance discounts and see which ones you qualify for. Progressive offers the exclusive Name Your Price tool, which allows you to tell the company how much you want to spend on car insurance.

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