Are there any special discounts for drivers who have taken an accident prevention and risk management course in scottsdale?

Nationwide wants to reward you for being a good driver. In addition to a defensive driving discount, you can save up to an additional 10% with an accident free discount if you have at least five years of driving experience and haven't had accidents or serious violations in the past five years. Nationwide also offers a variety of other auto insurance discounts, so you can find the car insurance you need at the price that's right for you. The defensive driving discounts offered by insurance companies can vary significantly.

Some companies don't offer discounts, while others may offer discounts of up to 20%. Most of the time, drivers can expect a discount of around 10%. Car insurance companies will always want you to drive more safely. You should also want this for yourself.

Consider taking a defensive driving course just to brush up on vital driving skills. Many insurance companies offer drivers discounts on auto insurance premiums if drivers complete a defensive driving course.

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