Are there any special discounts for having multiple policies with the same company on car insurance in arizona?

Arizona drivers can get an 8% discount for multiple policies by purchasing two or more insurance policies from the same company. You can get discounts on auto insurance in Arizona depending on how you drive, the car you own, and your relationship with your insurance company. In Arizona, auto insurance companies may consider factors such as employment, residence and marital status when setting premiums. That means that discounts are also available for being married, owning a home, or being affiliated with certain employers or educational institutions.

Happily, however, most companies offer discounts. There are other ways to save on car insurance for Arizona drivers, but you may already qualify for these five important ones. If you suspect that you're not getting the cost savings you're entitled to, you should call your provider to find out why. And sometimes you have to proactively ask your auto insurance agent to review discounts to make sure you receive all the savings you qualify for.

Other types of discounts can be activated when completing an action, such as taking a defensive driving course, switching to electronic billing, or paying the bill in full at the time of renewal. Your insurance company pays up to the limit specified in your policy for each type of car insurance coverage. You can get a package discount if you insure your car with the same company you use for condo, renters, boat, motorcycle or recreational vehicle insurance. A multi-policy discount usually applies when buying car insurance and other policies from the same company.

If your roommate crashes into your car and it's not listed in your policy, you probably won't be able to file a car insurance claim to cover the damage. For the most part, a multi-car insurance policy works the same way as a single-car policy. Aside from that, the best way to reduce your car insurance costs is to compare the rates of at least three insurance companies. Some companies specified a specific percentage discount you would receive when insuring more than one vehicle, while others simply indicated that there is a discount.

In that case, you would need two car insurance policies, one for the vehicle that is kept overnight in Connecticut and a policy from another state in New York for the vehicle you keep at work. The major companies offer a range of discounts of 6 to 14% if you pay in full, instead of dividing your insurance bill into monthly payments. In addition, discounts on vehicles help drivers save if their car has certain security features or anti-theft systems. We also found that insurance companies Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide and USAA offered discounts for several vehicles; however, insurers didn't specify how much.

No, there is no separate auto insurance policy for several states, since a standard auto insurance policy generally provides out-of-state coverage in all 50 states.

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