Do i need to have a certain type of driver's license to get cheap car insurance?

It is possible to get car insurance without a license. However, it may be more difficult to find coverage than it would be if you had a license. It's law in Ohio that you must have insurance to drive any motor vehicle. A vehicle owner cannot allow anyone else to drive their motor vehicle without insurance.

Insurance companies believe that anyone you live with is likely to drive your car at least every six months. The USAA also offers standard insurance policies, in addition to roadside assistance, rental vehicle reimbursement, accident forgiveness and assistance with car replacement. Since car insurance companies have different calculation methods for premiums, no two quotes are the same. It's possible to get car insurance without a license, and if someone other than you is going to drive your vehicle, it's necessary.

Car insurance generally depends on the car, not the driver, so when you borrow the car from someone (with the owner's permission), insurers usually have no problem covering you temporarily while you're driving. While each state has its own regulations for obtaining unlicensed car insurance, there are some strategies you could consider to ensure you have the coverage you need. The following sections will look at the state's cheapest auto insurance companies and coverage options, starting with the most affordable providers and coverage options. While you may have to include another driver as the main driver in your policy if you don't have a license, you may be able to save on insurance while you store your car.

If you have a car but don't drive it, you may be able to include another person as the primary driver in your insurance policy. Teenage drivers lack driving experience, so they pay hundreds of dollars more for car insurance than older adults. If your car isn't being driven, you can also reduce your coverage to comprehensive insurance. All states, except New Hampshire and Virginia, require a minimum amount of liability insurance that you must have to drive your car.

Working with a licensed insurance agent can help answer any company-specific questions you have about buying unlicensed auto insurance. Some insurance companies allow the person who buys the car insurance policy to designate someone other than themselves as the primary driver, that is, the person who will drive the car the most.

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