Does progressive car insurance surprise cover mechanical breakdown coverage?

Yes, parts and labor are included for all covered repairs. You can also request that uncovered work be done while your vehicle is in the workshop; you'll only have to pay for it. You can also order uncovered work to be done while your vehicle is in the workshop; you'll just have to pay those additional costs out of pocket. Auto insurance doesn't usually cover mechanical problems unless they're related to a covered hazard.

The hazards covered include car accidents, hitting an animal, or having an object, such as a tree branch, fall on your vehicle. Car insurance will cover this type of damage if you have collision and all-risk coverage. However, mechanical breakdown insurance is a type of independent policy that you can take out to cover the mechanical faults of your vehicle. In general, Progressive mechanical fault insurance works similar to an extended warranty.

You can purchase additional coverage for your vehicle after the normal warranty expires. If your car breaks down, Progressive will cover the cost of repairs, which could save you thousands of dollars. By comparison, Progressive charges a monthly or annual fee, just like any regular car insurance. Refer consumers seeking insurance against mechanical breakdowns to Affinity Brokerage, LLC to be contracted with an insurer that offers that coverage.

However, you can buy a plan from an extended auto warranty company without changing insurers. Plus, if you're looking for mechanical breakdown insurance from Progressive because you've already purchased your car insurance through Progressive, you won't be lucky. Perhaps the biggest difference between mechanical breakdown insurance and extended auto warranties is that MBI policies are regulated by the state's insurance commissioner. While Progressive temporarily suspended its insurance against mechanical breakdowns, the company continues to offer mechanical breakdown insurance to drivers and owners of recreational vehicles in the United States.

Insurance against mechanical breakdowns is an insurance plan that offers extensive protection against mechanical faults throughout the term of its validity, while manufacturer warranties usually only cover your motorhome or car in case of repairs that result from defective materials or improper manufacturing. While Progressive can't take out insurance against mechanical breakdowns, some other large auto insurance companies have MBIs. Mechanical breakdown insurance doesn't cover vehicle towing either, but you can add roadside assistance to your Progressive car or motorhome insurance policy. If you are determined to take out an insurance policy against mechanical breakdowns (MBI) and you are already a Progressive customer, you have other options.

Insurance against mechanical breakdowns can be a more affordable and comprehensive coverage alternative than extended warranties or rely on the manufacturer's warranty that your car comes with. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. Check with your insurer to see if they offer MBI, as the best thing to do is to add this coverage to your existing car insurance policy. If you're looking for mechanical breakdown insurance from Progressive or another provider that doesn't offer this type of coverage, you'll have to switch providers.

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