How long does it take to get a refund if i cancel my policy with geico car insurance early intempe?

There is no fee to cancel a GEICO insurance policy. If you paid your policy in full, you'll get a refund for any unused portion of your premiums. If you call Geico's interactive voice response system, all you have to do is say “cancel the insurance policy” to be directed to an agent. Check with your Geico insurance agent to find out when your policy will continue, or check your policy document.

Since you should have already taken out another car insurance policy (if you are going to continue to own and drive a vehicle), it's time to choose the date on which you want your Geico policy to be canceled. It can take a while to check individual rates on each auto insurance website or talk to one insurance agent at a time. For example, the Geico agent may ask you for your insurance policy number or verify it after requesting some personal information. For example, if you cancel your car insurance policy from a home and car insurance package, you're only left with the home insurance policy, which doesn't count as a package.

If you're ready to make an auto insurance change, the good news is that canceling your GEICO insurance policy is easy and free. By rating insurers based on the level of coverage and the driver's profile, MoneyGeek found that the cheapest and most widely available insurer in Tempe is GEICO. If you have multiple insurance policies with Geico, such as a home and car insurance package, you'll likely qualify for a multi-policy discount on your rates. If you are looking for affordable and high-quality insurance, MoneyGeek has recommended the best insurers in Tempe.

It can also help you compare prices more precisely between different car insurance companies, since you'll be comparing the same type of coverage and the same coverage limits. If you paid for your Geico insurance policy in advance and cancel it before the renewal date, you will receive a refund for any unused portion of your policy. Your policy number is usually on an insurance card, on your insurance contract documentation, or online in your Geico account.

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