How much uninsured motorist coverage do i need arizona?

While the law requires that all Arizona motorists have liability insurance, not all Arizona motorists have current liability coverage. In addition, motorists can come to Arizona from other states or countries and not have liability coverage on their vehicles. The burden posed by uninsured motorists is a growing concern, as the costs associated with such an accident can be harmful to the victims involved. In Arizona, coverage for uninsured drivers isn't mandatory.

Uninsured motorist insurance is part of an auto insurance policy that covers the policyholder against uninsured motorists and drivers who hit the road. Uninsured motorist insurance is known as Arizona hit and run insurance. With the rising cost of auto insurance policies across the country, more and more drivers are choosing to drive without insurance or without sufficient insurance coverage. After an accident with an uninsured driver, you may face a long and hard battle with insurance companies, even if you have insurance coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists.

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