What do you say when making an insurance claim?

When you file a claim, you'll be asked to provide some basic details, such as where and when the accident or incident occurred, the contact information of everyone involved, and a description of what happened. You may also be asked to give an estimated cost of the damage caused by the accident, if available. Naturally, an insurance adjuster will want to know the nature and extent of your injuries. Don't give a detailed description yet.

You may skip something, discover an injury later on, or your injury may turn out to be worse than you originally thought. If you need to say something, just tell the adjuster that you're still in treatment and leave it at that. Learn more about how your medical treatment affects the value of your personal injury case. What you say can make a difference after your accident.

Tell the adjuster that you intend to limit the correspondence. If you had a car accident in Ohio, consider hiring legal representation before giving a statement to an insurer. This is a similar but different situation, since your signed insurance policy may indicate that you must cooperate with the insurance company's request for a statement. An attorney can advise you on how you should talk to your insurance company after a car accident.

In the days following a car accident or any type of incident that causes injuries, you may receive a call from an insurance adjuster whose company insures another person involved in the accident. Before you talk about anything, get the name, phone number and email address of the person you're talking to, the name of the insurance company you work with, and the name of the person or company that the company insures.

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