What is the law about car insurance in arizona?

You can provide for the assessment of the insurance provided for in the policy with other valid and collectible insurance. You can arrange for the insured to reimburse the insurance company for any payments that the insurance company would not have been required to make under the terms of the policy, except with respect to this chapter. By means of a written agreement between a designated insured and the insurer, the policy can exclude a person or persons designated by name as insured when operating a motor vehicle. B) Due to bodily injury or death of an employee of the insured while performing a job, other than domestic work, the insured person or while engaged in the operation, maintenance or repair of the motor vehicle.

An operator's liability policy shall insure the person named insured in the policy against the loss of liability imposed on the person by law for damages resulting from the person's use of a motor vehicle that is not owned by them, within the same territorial limits and subject to the same limits of liability set out in subsection A of this section for a motor vehicle owner's liability policy. A) The insurance company's liability with respect to the insurance required in this chapter becomes absolute when injuries or damages covered by the motor vehicle liability policy occur. If your insurance company sends you a notice that your policy is no longer active, MVD will send you an inquiry notice to check the status of the insurance. The Arizona Mandatory Insurance Reporting System manual is available for download by insurance companies.

B) The insured's compliance with a judgment for the injury or damage is not a condition prior to the right or duty of the insurance company to make the payment on account of the injury or damage. The policy cannot be canceled or canceled with respect to that liability by an agreement between the insurance company and the insured after the injury or damage has occurred, and a statement made by the insured or a person on their behalf or a violation of the policy will not void or void the policy.

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