What type of insurance covers physical damage as a result of?

Physical damage coverage isn't all-in-one car insurance. It usually only includes your collision insurance and your comprehensive insurance policies. This means that physical damage insurance can provide you with coverage for damage caused by fire and theft. So, if someone gets into your car, they'll help you pay for repairs.

Physical damage insurance refers to a series of insurance coverages designed to protect a vehicle. Generally speaking, physical damage includes both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. The above insurance covers damage to your vehicle resulting from accidents, including rollovers and collisions with other objects. Physical damage is a general term for a group of insurance coverages that protect your vehicle.

This general term includes collision insurance, as well as the comprehensive insurance you choose or the more limited insurance against fire and theft with combined additional coverage (CAC). In some states, Progressive offers comprehensive insurance policies or fire and theft insurance policies with CAC for seasonal businesses only. Your comprehensive insurance or fire and theft insurance with CAC would then pay the rest of the replacement cost of your vehicle, up to the stated amount you submitted. Contact the experts at Pro Insurance Group to learn more about physical damage insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Since the loss was due to an incident other than an accident, comprehensive insurance or fire and theft insurance would be used with the CAC.

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